Hot Rats, a trio of rock'n roll from Itajaí-SC, was formed in 2014 by Alexandre Siquera (Guitar and vocals), Duda Cordeiro (Contrabass) and Mario Jr (Drums). This meeting was born from other musical experiences such as Tribuzana, Mr. Wizard, Samburá, Chico Preto and Dita Cuja, more than 10 years of concerts, national and international tours, recordings with various artists from SC, MG and other regions of Brazil. The sound chemistry was found already in the first test, mixed with all the experience and road of the members, unleashing a performance of high energy and vigor, that 70's rock has. With a direct sound, with striking and challenging riffs, Hot Rats releases their debut album "Magnolia". It was recorded in record time (September and October 2016) because the chemistry, technical ability and musical interplay of the trio transformed and gave life to the compositions of Alexandre Siquera. With 10 tracks being 4 instrumental, the first album was supported by the Cultural Incentive Law of the City of Itajaí-SC, being produced, recorded, and mastered by Alexandre Siquera at J-Studios. Magnolia will be released by the Seal Válvula Rock Discs, and all digital platforms in March 2017.



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